Week 8- Propositional Prototypes

Prompt Synthesis

I started this week organizing another prompt sketch session with my colleagues. We all had fun sketching about our prompts. It helped me to broaden my prototyping ideas and find patterns between different solutions.

After the second session, I gathered every prompt idea and synthesized them. It was very exciting to find similar solutions. I was also very motivated by the idea that the similarities between sketches made me think about user journeys.

The second round for the sketch prompts prompt 6: Synthesis of the prompt sketches/ class exercise
Prompt1: Prompt Sketches from my lovely classmates

I came up with some repetitive patterns for different prompt questions:

  • Syncing popular travel apps
  • Onboarding questions
  • Matching with people through similar tastes
  • Proximity-based meetups or suggestions( location)
  • Keywords and categories

User Journey Maps

Last week I had a general user journey map for travelers. This time I created separate journey maps for each prompt and opportunity area. That was very helpful to understand where I should begin and focus on my propositional prototypes.

After going back and forward with opportunity areas and prompts I ended up with four journey maps showing 4 different user behaviors:

1- Social Network and Community

The user wants to meet other travelers or be a part of a community in a new city.

2- Find Locals and Experiences

The user wants to find locals and local experiences.

3- Find Unique Routes

The user wants to choose paths according to their interests.

4- Create a List

The user wants to create her lists and share them.

Propositional Prototypes

Monday at the class, Adam asked us to bring 4–5 propositional sketches related to our synthesis and prompts. I started to sketch some ideas considering all the inputs I got. First I hand-sketched some of the ideas that I had from my previous researches and my user journey maps.

These are the first propositional sketches waiting to be met with users to improve and update. That is very exciting to see all the research and sketches are becoming real.

This week is spring break so I will have time to conduct a few interviews.




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