Stepping into Mid-fi Prototype Phase

  • People liked the idea of looking for advice and seeing others’ stories but the interface should be upgraded and be more specific.
  • Meeting with people is interesting but depends on the situation. People tend to meet with others (travelers or locals) during an activity. One-on-one meetings are more meaningful to meet with travelers to share something.
  • Maps go into 2 directions. The first one is giving a general idea of the city. For example which part or neighborhood is famous for what reason. The second reason is searching for a specific or nearby options for routes or tours.
  • Most of the users mentioned FOMO, they liked the idea of ‘routes’ and ‘pushing notifications’ because they help travelers to feel that they don’t miss out on things that they want to experience in a new city. So I decided to add the FOMO — JOMO button to my prototypes.




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Elif Karakose

Elif Karakose

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