Major Studio 2- Week 6 & 7

Presentation and Prompts

Week 6 was all about gathering all the research and creating a presentation. It was a good practice to show and tell my story.

It also made me realize that in the process I managed to change my mindset. I was always jumping into the solution before understanding the problem comprehensively. Once I get to talk to more people I found out more about my topic and the presentation helped me to go through my research journey and have a better insight.

Feedbacks from my classmates helped me to go further. I came up with several opportunity areas with my topic and they helped me to think more broadly. Especially when I was talking about how to experience the city locally, my colleagues suggested thinking about the subject from the locals’ perspective and not just the travelers.

Another finding of traveling solo as a woman was an interesting research subject too. I decided to combine a few ideas for the prototyping phase.

After the presentation, I started to watch some videos, read blogs and listen to some podcasts about traveling solo and how to prepare for the trip. That helped me to understand the user journey and gave me some insights into travelers’ behavior.

After the presentation, I continued researching about my opportunity areas

I started to build the user journey, as the process is divided into two, I tried to divide the journey into two categories as well. As we talked in the class the main goal was describing what a person is doing when using the app rather than what’s on the screen. I completed a general user journey of a person who is going to travel. In the next steps, I will create separate user journeys for my “how might we?” questions.

User Journey Map 1
User Journey Map 2

The hardest part was making prompts. Adam Brodowski shared his tips on how to make a successful prompt. That helped me a lot when I was trying to create prompts which rooted in my opportunity areas.

I came up with prompts that rooted in my opportunity areas

The most fun part of this week was the sketching session we had in the class. Everybody shared one of their prompts and we sketched to have a quick and creative answer for the problem. There were no right or wrong answers and that idea helped me create more solutions because I had no constraints.

Class exercise for sketching ideas
Sketches for my first prompt drawn by my classmates

For the next week, I will be sketching more ideas for other prompts that I had and after synthesizing I will come with some patterns to continue on the prototyping phase.

Excited to see the outcomes! See you next week!




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Elif Karakose

Elif Karakose

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