Designing a Travel App in the Time of Covid-19

Zoom with my friend
I typed common comments for each option
  • People mostly get more excited about curated / custom routes, and spontaneous or flexible itinerary (creating lists) options more than connecting with locals.
  • People want to see common interests with suggested contacts or the reason why people or experiences are shown as a match. Such as if they stayed in the same hotel before or both have a crush on parks.
  • Maps work better for routes than looking for people or advice.
  • For routes start-end point, duration, neighborhood, and interest play an important role.
  • People prefer to see options rather than giving their information.
  • Users get overwhelmed with too many questions in one page.
  • Dividing the process into steps works better.
  • Story option is mostly understood as stories of other travelers or locals. Not as in Instagram stories.
  • Mostly seeing what others do work better than chat boxes on the map.
  • Pages need to be filtered and more detailed. Some words such as “match me”, “connect” causes confusion. Each step needs to be very clear.
  • Seeing active people makes a difference when people want to reach out to others.




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