Major Studio 2 -Week 10

The best thing about this week was that we started online classes and it was very good to see everyone. We are all still healthy and safe and ready to build awesome applications.

During the week I gathered all the takeaways and interviewed with one more friend to decide which features I should keep and which ones I should drop.

The winners are:

➡ ️1st place: Routes

➡ 2nd place: Lists and

➡ 3rd place: the mixture of reaching out to locals and the community.

All these categories are here for giving spontaneous and flexible

Week 9

We are going through very weird times. As the virus spreading quickly all over the world we are all locked down at our homes trying to stay safe, healthy and, positive about life.

I have been trying to find the motivation to keep working with my travel app. I can’t stop thinking about how lucky we were that we have been in other places, experienced delicious cousins, met with lovely people and get to know ourselves better. Sad news from all over the world and the fact that nobody travels my app seemed to be very redundant.


Prompt Synthesis

I started this week organizing another prompt sketch session with my colleagues. We all had fun sketching about our prompts. It helped me to broaden my prototyping ideas and find patterns between different solutions.

After the second session, I gathered every prompt idea and synthesized them. It was very exciting to find similar solutions. I was also very motivated by the idea that the similarities between sketches made me think about user journeys.

The second round for the sketch prompts prompt 6: Synthesis of the prompt sketches/ class exercise

Presentation and Prompts

Week 6 was all about gathering all the research and creating a presentation. It was a good practice to show and tell my story.

It also made me realize that in the process I managed to change my mindset. I was always jumping into the solution before understanding the problem comprehensively. Once I get to talk to more people I found out more about my topic and the presentation helped me to go through my research journey and have a better insight.

Feedbacks from my classmates helped me to go further. I came up with several opportunity areas with my…

Meta-Insights and Actionable Insights

After having first insights from last week, I continued my interviews and talked with three more people. I intended to have a better understanding of the outcomes of the last interviews. My questions were made to analyze, places where people see as the most local place in the city, also what it means to be local, and how they interact with locals when they discover the city.

“Restaurants that don’t have English menus are the most local places for me because that feels more authentic…”

The second intention was to question commuting within the city as…

This week we worked on creating interview guidelines and practiced it in class to improve our questions, mimics and our interaction with interweaves.

Desk Research

I started with desk research and checked some problems, existing apps, and websites related to my 3 topics of interest. As I was expecting there are too many existing digital products. I think some points still need to have more research such as having less impact on the environment, customizing the trips, finding a solution for organizing the planning progress. …

For our major studio at Parsons School of Design, we will be working on a topic and build a digital product for improving user experience.

The first week we started with brainstorming about our topic of interests and with the affinity mapping method we tried to narrow it down to 3 main topics. In the end, I had 4 topics that were interesting to me.

  • City & Travel
  • Ecofriendly lifestyle and design
  • Professional Networking
  • Learning New Things
First Affinity Map

In the second week, I worked on the topics and found some overlapping topics.

Case of the Stonewall Forever and the AR(t) Walks in NYC

Keywords: Augmented Reality (AR), Experience, Immersive Urban Art Installation, Memory, Public Place

1- Introduction

Two public parks in New York City, Christopher Park and Central Park are very different from each other by their scale, history, background, and popularity, yet they will play an equally significant role in this essay. Because, earlier this year, when they both have become venues for immersive urban art installations supported by two big tech companies such as Apple and Google, attracting thousands of visitors to join these curated AR experiences.

The term Augmented Reality or ‘AR’ was used for the first time in 1992…

Elif Karakose

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